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Communicating thru email, though not very personal, is very efficient for me. I check emails several times a day. I have to in order to keep the number of emails down to a managable number. I can send status updates, estimates and invoices automatically from the Applications that I use for business. I can answer yours when best for me rather than right in the middle of replacing a 240 pin SMIC. I can copy and paste info right to my database as opposed to writing down a 9 when you actually said 5. I can go back later a review your info.

Always include model number and seriel number, a detailed description of the problem – which modes, which bands, after it’s warm, only when Jerry Seinfeld is on TV…..

Put this information right on top, just under the lid where the label is so we can get your info put into the database right away. Some times it takes a few days to get the radio out of the box and on to an available shelf.

Any previous repair history could save me some time and you money. If someone tried to fix it and failed – I need to know that. If you bought it on eBay under the assumption that it was working – I need to know that so I can specifically look for the tell-tale signs of shipping damage.

Please indicate if you want Priority Shipping or Express Shipping in return. Indicate the amount of insurance to apply to the package. This keeps me from stopping in the middle of shipping and waiting for your answer. By default I ship via USPS ground. The post office treats our toys better than the rest. If you prefer UPS or FEDEX – send a prepaid labe.l I do not have a UPS or FEDEX account.

Note that I get over a hundred emails a day. Sometimes it may take 2 days to get to yours. I will.

**I do not use a spam blocker. Type the make and model in the subject line. I have dozens of rules set up to make certain I get the ones I need to.**

IF YOU DON’T USE EMAIL – then please call me.

Phone Calls:

I spend as much time as possible each day on the bench with your equipment. Keep in mind that on some days I am the receptionist, bookkeeper, receiving department, shipping department, parts department, counter sales and QC/QA desk. Though I spend more than 8 hours every day in the shop – actual time on the bench is typically 3 to 4 hours. Sometimes less. Both hands are usually occupied. I may not be able to answer. It is best to call back. Be sure to call between 9AM and 3PM my time (Tampa, FL). I try to be able to answer during those times. I am allowed 25 voicemails per day. There are times when more than that come in and the first ones get wiped. If you don’y hear from me – call back.

I send and receive CW about 25 to 30 WPM. I don’t type half that fast. Some things just need to be done on the phone. If you’re the same way I expect you to call me (don’t send CW on the phone it sounds like a bunch of e’s and t’s…).


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Shipping Address:

Technical Specialists, LLC

5911 E Dr Martin Luther King Blvd

Tampa, FL 33619


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  1. I have a Yaesu 100d that the Motorola mrf 255 was heating up and I took it out to use the radio as a swl. But I would love to have this radio back operational. You have time to fix it?

  2. I have an ICOM 710RT and it has worked great for a long time. When I turn it on I get and immediate ERROR message on the screen. I am wondering if there is anything I can try before I send it to you?

    Thanks Jim

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