Equipment Submittal Form

Once you decide to send your equipment to us for repair you should complete the interactive form. The TAB button will advance you to the next field. Put something in each field  or the form will not save. Once we get it we can put it in the queue at that time as opposed to waiting until we get the unit unboxed. Often your items will remain in the box for up to a week before we have a place to put it. When finished click the SUBMIT button. If you have completed the form it will be sent directly and securely to us. You will get a confirmation email that it was received by our database.

If you do not get the confirmation then we did not get the form.

Give us an OK amount! Make it reasonable and we can probably get it done right then. If we have to put it back together to wait for an OK it will come off the hot list and on to another list. Once you ok it – we put it back on the bottom of the hot list and you have already incurred an hour or more. If the cost will exceed that amount I will call you and discuss it.


Once you submit the form you can send the unit to us.

Please be sure to fill out EVERY question on the form!

Here is the form to complete online:



You can use the form below to have us contact you. Do not use this form to submit your equipment for repair. This form will not put your equipment in the repair queue.


Shipping Address:

Technical Specialists, LLC

5911 E Dr Martin Luther King Blvd

Tampa, FL 33619


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