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Amateur Ham Radio Repair/Alignment                                             

Shipping notes:

Please understand that your equipment will be tossed around considerably on it’s way here. Pack it accordingly! Insure it for what it will cost to replace it. The idea is to not have to file a claim.

I suggest you read the instructions on the carriers website about what they consider proper packing. Improper packing materials will result in denial of insurance claims.

Crumpled newspaper doesn’t work.

Old sweaters, coats, etc don’t work.

Low density foam (look like colored Cheetos) are useless above 10 oz.

Anything over 8 lbs – peanuts and popcorn foam will crumble up and get into the rig and especially fans and motors.

If it can move inside the box – it will. When it stops, parts of it will keep moving. Shake the box – if you feel anything moving – it will be broken when it gets here!

Keep the boxes and what’s inside them when you buy your equipment. It will survive the adventure across the country. It made it from Japan……


Fill out the form located hereUnless you have the standard 4 or 6 pin power connectors used by Kenwood, Yaesu and icom  ask if you need to send the power cord or mic. MOST TIMES I DON’T NEED IT. I have all the 4, 6 and 8 pin adapters for my service monitor. If you have something different – ask if you need to send it.

I only ship via USPS. It may take a day or 2 longer but I have NEVER had to file a damage claim. I do not have a UPS or FEDEX shipping account. If you need it shipped thru one of them – send a prepaid label.

Read HERE for some points of interest.

If you will be sending us an item for repair please use the interactive form that can be filled out and submitted to us via email.

This will get your unit in the repair queue right away and make sure we have your information correctly.

The interactive form is HERE

Shipping Address:

Technical Specialists, LLC

5911 E Dr Martin Luther King Blvd

Tampa, FL 33619


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