Mom who lost son during SWAT raid supports Citizen’s Review Board

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Source: Mom who lost son during SWAT raid supports Citizen’s Review Board

TAMPA – Jason Westcott’s mom says he called Tampa Police because he had gotten death threats. She also says the told him to keep his gun ready at his home so when he was shot by police his family was floored.

“I had nobody to go to and that’s a horrible feeling especially when you just lost your child,” said mother Patti Silliman.

Her oldest son was the family rock.

“It’s ruined our lives in every way,” said Silliman.

But 29 year old Jason Westcott was killed inside his Seminole Heights home in 2014.

“Jason was shot and I my first thought was it was a home invasion,” said his mother.

It was, in a way, if you ask this mom her opinion.

“He had called the police previously and they were in his home. They would have known there was no drug dealings going on,” she said.

Tampa Police raided Westcott’s home may 27thmore than a year ago, looking for drugs tipped off by a confidential informant. as they broke down the door, police say Westcott pointed a gun at them– that they did what they had to do.

“I know how he was raised, and he was raised by a police officer and he would have never done what they’re saying,” said Jason’s mom. She also says the confidential informant lied to police about her son’s drug activity.

An internal investigation absolved officer of any wrong doing though police only found $2 dollars worth of marijuana in Westcott’s home leaving, Silliman feeling powerless.

“They have IA, they have internal investigations but when you police yourself, you have that veil of concern by the outsider,” said attorney T.J. Grimaldi.

Now Silliman is speaking out in support of a citizen’s review board. she knows it wouldn’t change anything for her son but maybe someone else.

“I have so much anger and resentment inside just because I feel like nobody’s being held accountable,” she said.

A public hearing is scheduled for early September in front of Tampa City Council. Grimaldi says he plans to file suit against the city by the end of the year.

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